The Inventor of the Cellphone


Marty Cooper is a living legend. Back in the early 70's, he and a small team of engineers at Motorola changed the course of history forever when they developed the first every handheld portable cellphone. Motorola wasn’t a big company at the time and was up against the biggest company in the world, AT&T, who were pushing their invention of car phones. It was really a case of David and Goliath as the two companies went head to head for the future of the telephone.

Marty Cooper and his invention of cellphone beat all the odds and in 1973 Marty made history by making the first-ever cellphone call in history on 6th Avenue in New York City. Who did he call? His rival Joel Engle at AT&T.

Colm Flynn talks to Marty Cooper about how he changed the world forever.