The Power Of Love


Ollie Cantos (pictured in sunglasses) was born blind to Filipino parents and growing up suffered badly at the hands of bullies. Despite the obstacles in his life, he prospered and became an attorney in California, one of the hardest states in the US to pass the bar. He then went on to land a top government job at the White House as a civil rights attorney in the Department of Education. He always wanted to marry and have kids, but work always took precedent. UNTIL, 9 years ago when something wonderful happened. Nick, Leo and Stephen (left to right) are triplets from Columbia, and also blind since birth. They were 10 when Ollie first met them and going through a very difficult time in school because of extreme bullying. They never left their house, were angry, helpless and depressed. Their mother was a single parent and overwhelmed by having three blind children. Ollie took them under his wing and changed their lives, eventually adopting the boys. Today, they are 19 and live with Ollie in Washington. Two will be going to university next year to study law and the other international business. “Our dad saved our lives”, one said with a tear in his eye.